Thursday, July 26, 2007

I Hate Moving

I started moving 2 weeks ago and I'm still not done. It's never ending. I don't know where all of this stuff came from. I do know, however, that I've thrown away more than I've moved and my mom is headed to the old house now to gather up a bunch of stuff to donate to her favorite charity. The old house still looks like a bad episode of Sanford and Son. I've got a couple of guys that are supposed to go over and haul off all of the remaining junk this weekend. I've had 2 people back out of buying the house. It's not going to sell in the shape that it's in. I simply cannot make another payment, so I hope it sells soon. I don't think that this is the right time to be selling a house. I'd hate for it to go into foreclosure, but I can't make anymore's just too much. I've had fits getting the utilities turned on at the new house. The water company charged me a $200 deposit. I have an account in good standing with them, but they said that it's SOP with new accounts. You would think that they could just move the old account to the new house, but no...they won't. The phone company told me that my phone was on last Thursday, but they just got it working yesterday. They also told me that they could move my DSL to the new house, but they can't. The cable company was supposed to be out on Monday to hook up the cable. They called on Tuesday to let me know that they don't service my area. That was nice. Anyway, there's a small update. More later....maybe!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Geez...I Suck At This

So, I think we've pretty much established that I'm unable to keep up a blog on a daily basis. Things have just been terribly busy. I'm still fat...I'm a little more conscious about what I eat and try to be a little more active, but I'm still fat. I'm also still married. That should be taken care of next Wednesday...I hope. I am, however, fixing to move. I hate moving, but I think that this will be better for me and the kids. It'll be a ton cheaper per month and it's right next door to my office so it should save on gas, too. We're supposed to get the biggest bunch of it moved this weekend. Then I'll have to concentrate on cleaning my house to try to sell it. I just hope that there's somebody out there that is as desperate as I was when I bought it. It needs some work. I'll try to post more details after I get moved so my 2 readers can catch up.