Saturday, May 5, 2007

My Baby Brother....

sent me a lovely text message last night. It seems he ran into my husband at the local sleaze-bar last night. He and his girlfriend just broke up, so I guess he was out prowling. When husband and I separated, Brother told me that Boy would want to go with his dad and I'd never see him again. Hmmm....looks like dad's at the bar picking up crack-whores while Boy is safe at home with me. Whodathunkit!

Friday, May 4, 2007

And Today It Begins

Today is the first day of my 39th year. It's been a very long, yet productive day. I started out by checking the company email and finding a wonderful email from a major oil company. I went to work and we got that paperwork all situated. Then I finished up payroll and a few other things. My wonderful friends and family called all day with birthday wishes. It was very heartwarming. I ended the day by finally getting my printer working at the office. It was a very productive day.

Girl went out and spent $80 of her hard earned dollars on a gift for me. I hate that. I wish she hadn't spent money. But it made her soooo happy. Boy then felt a little left out, so he took me out for supper and ice cream. OK, we had the ice cream first...but I'm a really cool mom like that.

By the way...Girl didn't get her raise on her check again this week. That's 3 paychecks that have supposed to have had raises that didn't.

Boy is staying at his dad's tomorrow. I'm going to go do some running around with Friend. Then I want to do absolutely nothing. Just a nice, quiet, do nothing evening. I can't wait.

Hopefully, this year won't be too intense!! Here we go!!